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Frequently Asked Questions

For  Business Opportunities :

  1. Am I able to do this business?

Yes, you absolutely can if you have a network of friends

2. How do I start?

Simply approach any of our staff and they will start up an account for you, absolutely no charge! We want you to join our referral program because we want you to share the good news with your friends!

  1. What is the cost to become an independent representative?

The total cost to become an independent representative is only your own time and effort! We don’t charge anybody to spread the word about us!

  1. How do I get paid commission that I make?

When you reserve our hotel or dine with us in our restaurant, you will get a discount. You get someone to reserve our hotel or dine with us, they get some discount and you get commission for referral.

We are currently setting up an application that is quite similar to any Mobile Wallet Payment Solution you can see in the market. Once this project kicks off and we have enough representative, we will integrate this mobile wallet into the market where you can use it to pay your expenses or buy your groceries! In the meantime, we will be doing cash-outs.

  1. What is this about?

What we are doing is a referral program where you are our marketing team! You just have to introduce us to your friends, and family and tell them about our great deals!

  1. Who can join us?

As long as you’ve got an internet connection and are keen on having an alternate stream of income, you are welcomed to join!

  1. I’m ready to sign up with Hotel 1929. What are my next steps?

We are excited that you’re taking your first steps with us! Please click on the button below for a step-by-step guide for networking with us.

  1. I already have a job; can I still be an independent representative?

Of course! We have a lot of part-time independent representatives on our platform. This is because there are no minimum hours required to commit with us.